2018-11-10: Election Result

Right-Left Empathy Circle: dialoguing across divide: Reaction to the Election

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Topic: How do you feel about the election results?

Participant Feedback

I was a part of this empathy circle yesterday, which was intended to be a gathering of people on the "left" and the "right" to be heard around what is being felt after the election results.

One thing that felt alive that emerged for me along the way, was a longing for this kind of process to become our public process.

I mean, instead of gathering for debates in which posturing and one-liners are the game, these gatherings could be transformed into full day or even a 2-3 day event where we use processes to go deeper into what the real needs are, for people of every perspective.

Once we are able to connect at this level, new possibilities emerge. It is no longer a battle. The enemy images we create tend to dissolve as we see the human being before us. We can talk about various strategies from a different energetic space. It becomes a co-creative process. This, I feel, is what is needed.

Yes, to me, the core issue that needs to be addressed is that we are allowing ourselves to be divided, and hold within our hearts and hands the power to change this.

Lewis Brown Griggs


how being selected to listen and mirror back what was said creates true hearing of another, and how feeling so heard creates the safety to share even more of one's feelings and perspectives.


we could enjoy and learn from more diverse individuals and perspectives. WHAT IF every conversation were so enhancing and enriching?

Evan Magor

I like how good it felt to be heard, and to hear others.

I wish we had people on the right to join us - next time!