2019-05-16 Activists #2

Empathy Activists - Empathy Circle #2: Movement Building

TOPIC: How might we grow the empathy movement in communities, businesses, etc?


A series of Empathy Circles with empathy activists. Most participants have written books or head programs on the topic. This is a way to explore the different facets of empathy together and for people in the field to get to know each other and exchange ideas and insights. Let Edwin Rutsch know if you would like to take part. EMPATHY CIRCLE After over 12 years of working on building a culture of empathy, I find the Empathy Circle as the most effective gateway practice for building the empathy muscle. This practice is based on mutual active/empathic listening. We are trying to develop, promote and spread this practice as widely as possible. See http://www.empathycircle.comACTIVISTS Edwin Rutsch - (Director) Center for Building a Culture of Empathy http://cultureofempathy.comJackie Acho - (Author) Empathy Deficit Disorder: Healing from Our Mix-ups About Work, Home, and Sex https://jackieacho.comJack Ricchiuto - (Author) Simple Listening http://thriveatworkteam.com/jack-ricc...Anita Nowak - (Author) The Empaths Strike Back!https://anitanowak.com