2. Facilitator

The Role of Empathy Circle Facilitator

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  1. Facilitate the overall empathy circle

  2. Opens the Empathy Circle

  3. Gives an introduction to what the circle is about.

  4. Keeps everyone on track to follow the process.

  5. Closes the Circle.

Organizing and Scheduling an Empathy Circle

Below is are editable introduction that facilitators can read at the beginning of the empathy circle.

XR Large Empathy Cafe Facilitation Outline

For facilitating larger XR Empathy Cafes.

Empathy Cafe Facilitation OutlineThis page can be edited and refined.


To Post After The Empathy Circle: Facebook and YouTube

Right-Left Empathy Circle: dialoguing across divide: Reaction to the Election

Participants from the political right and left dialogue using the Empathy Circle structured dialogue process. The process increases mutual understanding and connection by ensuring that each person feels fully heard to their satisfaction. Topic:For; * dialogue transcripts, * helping create transcripts * taking part in a left-right empathy circle * to become a facilitator * and more about the process Visit. Empathy Circle Page URL: http://www.EmpathyCircle.comhttp://EmpathyTent.comhttp://CulutureOfEmpathy.com