Empathy Cafe

Develop the online and in person Empathy Cafe description.

We have been calling our Saturday events, Empathy Circles. I realize it's really more like an Empathy Cafe.. Everyone can come and then after we have a short introduction we divide into smaller Empathy Circles with 4 or 5 people per Breakout Group 'Table'.

At each table is someone (a facilitator) that has some experience with the process to help keep it on track. (We will be working to train more and more experienced facilitators.)

We could have 8 to 20 or more participants in this format with 2 to 5 or more Empathy Circles.. It may not be as balanced between left and right since we never know who will show up.

We also hold Empathy Circles where we specifically invite two people from the left, 2 from the right, and a facilitator, to dialogue. This is another overlapping format.

We keep innovating to develop the empathy circle process for bridging the divides. Always glad to hear ideas for innovation for developing the tool kit and bridging the divides.

I'll slowly shift the title for the Saturday open invitation format to 'Empathy Cafe'.. Made a image for it below to give an cafe feel.