Values of the Empathy Circle

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Speaker 1:
Mervyn D'souza - Care
For me, the value that was really present in us in our circle was this value of care. Because as you started, we're talking about the tiredness issue and concentrating, and Valerie suggested we have a five minute break halfway through. And I really appreciated that caring for our needs. Ann was suggesting stretch and things. Valerie also suggested we could pause and just take a quiet period or have a five minute, quiet time when he was asked questions at all, and just have a quiet space. So really appreciate these tips about how to look after ourselves and to meet our need for care.

Speaker 2: Mike Zonta - Self Observation
A value that I think is really important in the empathy circles is self observation, and realizing how, for me how I treat myself, if, if I run out, I was talking earlier about a sense of worth. And I think that's a really wonderful way to talk about the empathy circles is that it increases your sense of worth, because you can not only pay attention to others, but pay attention to yourself. So I'll just leave it at that

Speaker 3: Leo Jacoby - Feelings
The value of feelings can't was prominent in my experience today. And I can carry on conversations without identifying feelings, but they're underlying what I say, Sally was really good at putting her feelings on the table and identifying them. And that made it easier for the listeners to respond directly to her feelings. Often we have to infer what the feelings are, the feelings are always being communicated in whatever we say. And it's important to make them explicit to ourselves and to others. And they're that they have their own flavor.

Speaker4: Wendy Ridley - Trust
Trust is an important value. Trust in the process, trust in the people, trust in myself to speak, honestly, and truthfully. So the value of trust.

Speaker 5: Colin Cafferty - Self Compassion or Self Empathy
I would say self compassion, or self empathy is a value that's important to me in the empathy circles. There have been occasions where my focus hasn't been as good as it could be, and I haven't been able to reflect back accurately. But if I'm kinder to myself, I can you know, I can cope with that situation much better and, and learn from it. And, yes, this is something that's, that I'm interested in also in the defining empathy project, the idea of, incorporating self empathy into into the circle.

Speaker 6: Diane Kirschne - Patience
Values I've seen expressed is, not even sure if these are values, but I'll say them anyway. Interdependence, that we rely on each other to actually have these circles. Patience, we try to support each other no matter what is happening to keep the circle going. Sense of humor, that's also been gotten us through I think, from difficult times, and also kindness. I think I've sent a real open heartedness in the circles and I'd really appreciate it.

Speaker 7: Renato Katić - Diversity
One of the values that I want to mention is diversity. There is so much diversity in this empathy circles from other other cultures, from other different language speaking persons. That diversity is amazing thing and also to connect this diverse, diverse cultures and persons it's very big value. Me as non speaking, non native speaking English, It's it's a very big, big value for me, that diversity,