2022-11-19 CoPeSe

Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding and Security (CoPeSe)

Empathy Café: What is the Role of Empathy in Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding?
Saturday November 19, 2022
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A series of Empathy Cafes for individuals, bridge-building leaders, and peacemaking organizations seeking to heal a divided world through the power of mutual listening, mediation, empathy and dialogue.

Join us is an Empathy Café to dialogue about, 'What is the role of Empathy in Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding and Security?' We will divide into small groups of 4 to 6 and use the Empathy Circle process for the dialogue process.

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  1. * Build Community: Meet and network with fellow CoPeSe members.

  2. * Build Relationships with others in the Conflict, Mediation, Peacebuilding field.

  3. * Learn and practice the Empathy Circle dialogue process.

  4. * Learn and deepen empathic listening skills for conflict mediation and peace building.

  5. * Learn an effective skill to take home to your Family, Friends, School, Work, Community, etc.

  6. * Explore the topic together and come up with new insights.

  7. * Share and retrieve the newest info on peacebuilding and conflict transformation.


  1. Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding and Security (CoPeSe)
    A leading network on peacebuilding and conflict transformation, counting more than 60k members.

  2. Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
    The internet's largest resource on the value of empathy.

  3. Peace Alliance
    Educate, advocate, and mobilize p
    eople into action to transform systems and public policy toward a culture of peace.

Empathy Café

Full 2 hours Empathy Café and
Empathy Circle 1 with Linda.
See Full Transcripts.


I have a great experience joining the conversation today.
Glad to be here

I enjoyed the interconnectedness across the globe
and space to be listened to.

Empathy Circle 2

Empathy Circle with Bill .
See Full Transcripts.

Wonderful experience and good insights for
creating move loving and empathic interactions.

I really valued the experience and got a lot out of it.
I hope to be able to practice, participate and engage more.

Empathy Circle 3

Empathy Circle with Larry
See Full Transcripts.

Saturday Nov 19, 2022

Topic: What do you see as the role of Empathy in Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding and Security? Or talk about whatever is alive for you.

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This Week's Co-Hosts

  1. CoPeSe

  2. Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

  3. Peace Alliance

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  3. Victoriaville, Québec, Canada

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  6. Guelma/Algeria

  7. Mexico, Mexico City

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Why are you interested in taking part in this Empathy Café?

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  2. yes

  3. I would like to be a peacebuilding facilitator in my own community.

  4. thesis

  5. I have done the facilitator training twice and I find it meaningful. I hope to contribute to the group that comes

  6. Like to share skills

  7. It's fun

  8. Peace through empathy circles

  9. I enjoy the Empathy Circles and I like the work of CopPeSe

  10. I am a lifelong learner. I may gain new insights and education. More empathy is needed in our world.

  11. For conflict management during difficult times between my Arab and Jewish students

  12. I am interested in the role of empathy in peace, security and conflict resolution, which are my primary areas of expertise.

  13. Get interest in climate vs politics

  14. Went through a round of empathy circle facilitation training and very interested in using the process for conflict resolution.

  15. As a conflict resolution scholar and current Changemaker @Ashoka, I want to learn from this methodology and find intersections with what we are doing.

  16. This would be my place to learn as a young woman who is starting the career in peacebuilding

  17. I am interested in taking part in peace-building circles

  18. I am a recent graduate of UNESCO MA in Cultural Policy and Management (Interculturalism and Mediation in the Balkans), with master thesis in the field of cultural diplomacy. I would like to broaden my knowledge about peace building and security, being that cultural diplomacy is the area where I wish to pursue my career at.

  19. I want to develop empathy and explore different ways of being empathetic in life at the work

  20. i find empathy circle process very insightful and the topic of conflict transformation is important for me as well, also i find the building of culture of empathy very exciting and meaningful in today's world

  21. Spiritual Diplomacy

  22. Building Connection and support for building peace in Bhutan.

  23. Empathy has great potential for conflict resolution

  24. It sounds a positive way to deal with people

  25. I run empathy training for corporate education, and I'm interested in learning from others in the field

  26. I really want to contribute to healing the divisiveness in our world.

  27. Learn more on empathy

  28. Exchange and connection; I work in conflict and peacebuilding

What Topics would you be interested in for future Empathy Cafes for the Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding community?

    1. I will know this after I have attended the event.

    2. Maybe empathy practices during online teaching

    3. share the experience I gained with others

    4. Getting interest in a break off group on developing a succinct priority list which will build interest in corporate, political, and public interest in the issues with a breakdown of time for catastrophic issues currently ignored or not known about.

    5. The role of empathy to reduce polarization in countries not labeled as being in conflict

    6. 1. Women, Peace, and Security Agenda

    7. 2. Meaningful youth engagement

    8. Cultural Diplomacy

    9. How to manage aggressive behaviour

    10. id like to explore building blocks of conflict in general and its factors and how to deal with them besides/not only with NVC (or how can it be enriched with other data/principles etc.)

    11. No

    12. I am not sure yet.

    13. Autonomy over personal medical decisions

    14. All topics

    15. Child and Womens protection (external), and wellbeing and self care (internal)

Do You Have Any Comments or Questions?

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    2. I appreciate the space being created for conflict transformation

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    5. Thankd

    6. I may be willing to facilitate an empathy circle

    7. Thank you for doing this work.

    8. No thanks

    9. Im looking forward to this! Thank you!

    10. I just want to say, Edwin, that I am very interested in this aspect of conflict resolution although I do not personally know how best I might actually be skilled at resolving conflict within the circle. I have not had any experience with that. However, with conflict outside empathy circles (with folks who are trained in empathy circles) my skills at minimizing conflict have been poor. With that said - I am confident in my empathy circle facilitation skills, but if there are other more experienced folks I would certainly think they might be a better option for this group.

    11. I'm excited to attend tomorrow!

    12. I wont be able to join today but will look out for the recording, and wish to join in the future

Feedback Form
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Your City and Country?

    1. Patiala, India

    2. Lagos, Nigeria.

    3. DFW Texas

    4. Nairobi, Kenya

    5. Lockport, IL, USA

    6. Currently living in Carrboro, North Carolina

    7. London, UK

    8. Germany

    9. Washington DC, USA

    10. Langport England

    11. Clearlake USA

Are you part of an organization, if so what is it and what is the Website?


    2. Center for Nonviolent Communication cnvc.org

    3. www.peacealliance.org

    4. Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Centre

    5. Richmond, American University in London

    6. https://www.u-school.org

    7. Ashoka-- https://www.ashoka.org/en-us/story/new-reality

    8. Extinction Rebellion

    9. Part of many other organizations

Would your organization be interested in being a co-host for future Empathy Cafes on Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding and Security?

Share any feedback about your experience in todays Empathy Café?

    1. I have a great experience joining the conversation today. Glad to be here


    3. I enjoyed the interconnectedness across the globe and space to be listened to

    4. Wonderful experience and good insights for creating move loving and empathic interactions

    5. I really valued the experience and got a lot out of it. I hope to be able to practice, participate and engage more.

    6. I found the experience interesting, challenging and eye opening

    7. Peaceful, empathy circle was diverse and reach on conversation, thoughts, stories and deep listening activity,

    8. I love the structure and I could intuitively embody the model in a way that felt authentic to me (rooted in Rosenberg's non-violent communication framework). I don't think that the facilitator's way of guiding the session was useful, organic or empathetic. I think that he sacrificed the experience of the session for the need to uphold rules and instead of modeling empathy as a principle, he was operating from understanding this as a set of rules that should happen perfectly for them to work out--- I am interpreting this was my facilitator's way of dealing with the space rather than an issue of the model itself because when anyone else was engaged in conversation, it was an incredible experience.

    9. wonderful as ever - I think the principles of equity and non judgmental reflection that the tight structure allows is very freeing.

    10. It was encouraging to meet others interested in empathy and talk about issues that matter.

Do You Have Any Comments or Questions?

    1. Hope to take part in future

    2. N/A

    3. Lots of gratitude for the space to co-create the peace we long for starting with inner peace

    4. Just thank you! This is important work!

    5. The topic of discussion was very broad. I felt a bit frustrated not to be able to focus the conversation more. I am keen to participate in more circles, especially exploring more specific issues and experiences.

    6. I loved the diverse nationality and their spoken thoughts

    7. How might this become a space where younger generations are attracted to find one another? How can empathy cafés be used as depolarizing strategies in the United States? What would enable for these spaces to be culturally relevant? How do we embody empathy beyond understanding it rationally?

What topics would you suggest for future CoPeSe Empathy Cafes?

  1. Security & Safety issues


  3. Navigating trauma

  4. Peace Empathy Circles - How do we co-create peace together one circle, one community, one organization at a time?

  5. Anxieties that are caused by major events or changes in the world, and anxieties or fears related to the necessary changes people find difficult to make.

  6. Community building, creative culture

  7. Role of spirituality (and faith) in conflict AND peacebuilding

  8. What is at the root of human conflict.

  9. I can think on this later but have too much to do now.


A. Will you attend another Empathy Café? 11 yes

(A1) If Yes, what is the reason you will attend again?

  1. To continue to learn

  2. Connection across the globe

  3. keep exercising my empathy/listening muscles; see what I might hear from other sharings that may assist me on my journey

  4. I would like to learn more about the process and develop my skills

  5. This was a challenging and rewarding experience, I want to learn more

  6. Exercise active listening

  7. I'm interested in learning more and I loved the people I met and the conversations we had

  8. Love them

  9. Connect with like-minded people; help others; ask people to consider participating in and/or sharing Planet Cents; to get a break from all of the doing-ness that comes with launching a startup; share groups and resources; to further empathy in our world

(A2) If No, what is the reason you will not attend?

  1. I'm afraid all the groups will be facilitated like the one I attended today

(A3) If Maybe, please provide further explanation. No responses