2020-07-17 Values

In this series, we use the Empathy Circle process to explore the underlying core values of a Culture of Empathy. What are the basic values that make up an empathic society? Join us Fridays for: Empathy Cafe. 10 Core Values of a Culture of Empathy We will dialogue about values such as feelings awareness, mutuality, openness, presence, curiosity, collaboration, trust, common humanity, mutual responsibility, community, etc, etc. Also hear values suggested by participants.

    • * What does the value mean to you?

    • * What are your experiences with it and what does it feel like?

    • * How does it relate to building a Culture of Empathy?

    • * How does the value relate to the culture created in the Empathy Circle?

In the Empathy Circle, we model the values of a culture of empathy. An Empathy Circle is a structured dialogue process that effectively supports meaningful and constructive dialogue. It increases mutual understanding and connection by ensuring that each person feels fully heard to their satisfaction. The practice is the most effective gateway practice for learning, practicing, and deepening listening skills and mindset.