2019-03-21 God v Satan

God and Satan in Mediation: Restorative Empathy Circle

God and Satan take part in this Restorative Empathy Circle Mediation to work out their differences. For millennium God and Satan have been in conflict with each other. Edwin Rutsch invites them to take part in a Restorative Empathy Circle to use mutual empathic listening to talk out their differences. The opening issue they talk about is that Satan left heaven.

An Empathy Circle is a structured dialogue process based on mutual active listening. The process increases constructive dialogue and mutual understanding by ensuring that each participant feels fully heard to their satisfaction. It can be used as the foundation of conflict mediation.

God and Satan in Mediation: Restorative Empathy Circle

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Invitation We are looking for other Gods and Satan's that would be willing to go into mediation in a Restorative Empathy Circle. Email EdwinRutsch@Gmail.com to possibly take part.

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