2020-10-04 Stoa

Join The Stoa' Memetic Mediation team while they figure out how to memetically mediate the culture war. If we are wondering what the heck "memetic mediation" is, then check out his 101 article written by Peter Limberg: https://thesideview.co/journal/memetic-mediation-the-hard-problem-of-the-culture-war For the month of October, we will be having Empathy Circle training. This is a conversational modality developed by Edwin Rutsch, who has used this technique on the front-lines of the culture war, e.g. the 2017 Berkeley protest, and has actively been used by memetic tribes such as Extinction Rebellion. There will be 4 sessions in total. If you attend 3 of them, you will receive a "certificate of completion,” and you will be eligible to attend the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training that Edwin runs, which may happen inside The Stoa. Attendance will be taken. These will be 2 hours, please review this before attending: http://www.empathycircle.com/how-to-empathy-circle See more events @ http://www.thestoa.ca