I'll tell you, EC facilitator training with a burgeoning teen has been one of the most positive & meaningful experiences along the way for both of us.  Just yesterday, we hit a snag, and my son offered, "Mom, you want to Empathy Circle?"  We did, and like so many times since we trained, it's made life & our relationship so much smoother & richer.  
―  Leslie

I love the Empathy Circle. This is such a effective communication process. Candace Marie

 was lucky enough to have the experience of participating in this today. What a wonderful experience to be heard and supported and likewise to fully listen to someone. I’m looking forward to doing this again! ―  Robin Howard,

Did this today and it was an amazing and powerful experience. You should at least do this once or twice. ― May B Ly

I just attended my first Empathy Circle Training this morning. It was phenomenal! I am an adult educator in the East Bay, looking to transition into a space where I can help people on both sides of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion discussions. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!   ―  Trish Jetson

Just participated this Saturday in one and it was amazing!! As a social worker for 24 years- I still learned and benefitted from this and will return next Saturday   ―  Vikki Brewster

This was a nurturing experience. Much gratitude Edwin and team. ―  Laurie Schloff

"The empathy circle was such a compelling experience! Regardless of our age or background, we all share so much in common, and the feeling derived from that connection with others is beyond words!” ― Coralie, from Paris

"Empathy Circles are for me an extension of systems sensing. It is a powerful way for mutual learning and communication especially in the hyper-polarized world we live in." ―  Zainab Kakal

 "A kind of magic emerged from the Empathy Circle that Anita facilitated. Going into the conversation, each participant was a stranger to me. Quickly, I began to feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. The strangers became friends and a new community was created."  ―  Rachel Crane said after participating: From Minter

"a truly unforgettable afternoon that I can't stop thinking about. It's a whole new way of conversing!”  ― Adam

“what an amazing experience for me. I’m still processing what happened.”  ―  John

“I found it slightly mind warping at times, but not uncomfortably so.”  ―  Craig

“I found it to be a slightly otherworldly experience - in a good way! It was also rather intoxicating. A combination of fascinating conversation, thoughtful parlour game and mind-bending reflection.” ―  Oliver

“I enjoyed it and it felt safe to share. It was so nice having people listening to me, as I listened to them and we reflected. It was loving”  ―Certified NVC Trainer, of Tuzungumze Amani Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya

“I’m taking away better active listening, it is a good reminder that we do not listen enough and considering where the world is these days, more empathy is definitely much needed everywhere, across borders across religions, everything. “ ―Former Director of the Yoga Mandala Project,

Middle East Humanitarian Activist, Yoga Teacher.  ―    Trainer, Jordan

“Interesting being able to slow down and practice active listening and having that reflected back to you. really appreciate it. Can see how it would be very beneficial with trauma to have an empathy circle because it gives people that space to really feel into their bodies and to feel safe and not judged and heard” ―   Yoga Teacher & Activist, Ireland

“My first circle. I have been called to join these trainings. Really had a wonderful experience in our breakout room of having the barriers down, just so much mutual sharing, some really deep and complicated emotions, breaking down those barriers of isolation and a lot of inter-connectedness and really feeling so enamoured, really loving this model, will definitely be back and joining more circles“  ―  Yoga Teacher, Europe

“I’m taking away some great gratitude for having the opportunity to think about this question about trauma and facilitation and how to be more sensitive to it and aware of it and how to support the expression of trauma or people’s experience of trauma. I’m really grateful to think about that and hear from others about that.” ―   Empathy Facilitation Trainer, Building a Culture of Empathy

“What I liked most was that it was a reminder that an empathy circle is a powerful tool to heal with connection. What I would change next time is to have at least one facilitator from the yoga mandala project in a circle so that there is a [trauma-sensitive] input by them that is different from the basic empathy Facilitation style.

Something that I am taking away with me is the goodwill of the organising team as well as participants who made the most of this time to share and connect. A questions that I have now about doing trauma sensitive facilitation is about what tools and strategy is incorporated to do that  [trauma facilitation] as I am bereft of that experience in today's session” ―   Participant, Building a Culture of Empathy