2019-01-19 Women March

It's always a relief for me to get certain things of my chest.

It's always a relief for me to get certain things of my chest. It's hard because this jumps around because of the format. This is the first one I was co-facilitating. with David.

I value the cross generational dialogue. it's not just left right. There are lots of different axis, like generations is one. of them.. More communication between generations.

― Meagan

I always enjoy hearing younger people. What your experience is. I just like hearing young people. It keep my mind open, it allows me to hear what the experience is of the future generation.

― Judith

I'v done a few of these and it's good. I'm usually more on the sideline. I'm actually helping record this and turn the knobs and switches and stuff. Do I am getting more involved in this process which I think is proof that I kind of believe in it to a certain extent. I've got some friends that make fun of me for doing this. This like like killing two birds with one stone. It gives me an avenue to actually voice things with my voice instead of just typing things out all the time. It helps me connect my soul with my ideas so to speak.

I also believe in this process, because what got me into politics in the first place is freedom of speech issues. This is part of that. It was intense tonight, maybe it's an element of doing this during the moon hours.

David Carson